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Winterizing your vehicle is an essential step in vehicle safety. Save yourself some time, money, and heartache by coming in for a quick winterizing workup.


There’s nothing worse than jumping in your vehicle on a cold winter’s morning, only to find your battery has died. If you’re not sure how old your battery is, it’s probably time for a new one. A battery’s longevity is only about five years. Winter weather and freezing temperatures take a real toll on all machinery, your battery included.

We’ll test your battery and exchange it if need be. Plus, we’ll check all the connections, spark plugs, cables, and cords that keep your battery working properly. Colder temps can crack, wear, and tear them, too.

Don’t wait to think about your battery until you’re stranded in a cold, deserted parking lot. Let us check that off your list.

Windshield Wipers

Do your windshield wipers make a schremp, schremp sound as they smear across your windshield?

Extreme temperatures, both highs and lows, can damage your windshield wipers. Examine your wipers and look for small chips and chunks that may be missing from the blade.

If your wipers make that unpleasant sound or you notice that some pieces are missing from the wiper blades, ask your service technician to change them for you. We recommend you ask for winter wipers made from a specific material engineered for severe cold and precipitation.

Replace your washer fluid often. One snowstorm can use a large amount of this fluid, so you’ll want to keep your reservoir full with windshield wiper fluid formulated for colder months.

When you use your new wipers, you should hear a quiet, peaceful sound as they wipe your windshield clean - exactly what you want and need for cold, dark, snowy, icy nights.


The oil in your engine keeps your machine well lubricated all the time. In colder months, the oil naturally thickens. If you don’t change your oil to one that has a lower viscosity, the oil can “gum up the works” and put a strain on your car battery and your starter.

Our service technicians know the kind of oil that works best for your engine. We’ll keep the mechanics of your engine well lubricated so you get where you’re going - guaranteed!

Winter Tires

You may gasp at the idea of purchasing winter tires for your vehicle when your current tires “work just fine.” Winter tires can be pricey, but you get what you pay for!

Winter tires are engineered to withstand cold temperatures and provide vital traction and handling on snowy, icy, wet roadways. At the end of every winter season, you can remove your tires and replace them with your usual set. That way, you can keep your winter tires for a few seasons at least!

Another tip for tires is to check your air pressure before any big trip. Cold weather can deflate tires up to one pound of air for every ten-degree drop in temperature. Your tire pressure must be at the recommended standard, especially when driving in inclement weather.

Spare yourself the discomfort and frustration of changing a tire in a snowstorm by ensuring your pressure is where it should be.

Emergency Kits

Our team can’t provide you with an emergency kit for your car, but this is one tip we recommend to all our friends and neighbors. No matter how much you plan, sometimes the unexpected happens. If you find yourself stranded in the cold, emergency kits can make your wait safer and more tolerable.

Pack your emergency kit items in a small duffel bag or backpack that can be easily accessed without getting out of your car. That way, you can access what you need without opening your car door.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but some items to consider packing in your emergency kit are:

    • Warm blankets, gloves, socks

    • Water bottles, non-perishable food items (granola bars, crackers, jerky, hard candy)

    • Books or magazines

    • For children: coloring books and crayons, sticker books, a deck of cards

    • Flares

    • Jumper cables

    • Whistle

    • Ice Scraper

About Us

Our service technicians want you to know that winterizing your vehicle works! A short maintenance appointment to ensure your vehicle is ready for the winter months can save you time, money, and inconvenience in the long run.

Call or make an appointment online today! Located on Avenue Watt, our service department is ready to help. We’re just beginning our coldest season of the year and want to ensure all our friends and neighbors are as prepared as possible for what may lie ahead.

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