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It wasn’t that long ago that we were still just dreaming about hybrid vehicles. With advanced technologies and innovative system designs, their increase in popularity makes them a much more common sight these days. Look at all a hybrid can offer with our sales team at Desjardins Ford Ste-Foy.

Our customers know they can trust our honest and experienced staff. We know our brand and will take the time to help you think through all your options before you buy!

Same Look. Same Features.

Our Ford hybrid lineup doesn’t sacrifice style, safety, or super-cool features. When you buy a Ford hybrid, count on the same sleek design, all the high-tech and innovative features, and the Ford Co-Pilot360 safety suite that comes standard in most of our Ford vehicles.


The first thing we advise our friends and neighbors to do when thinking through a hybrid is to do a little research before buying. For some, a hybrid may not be cost-efficient, but for others, purchasing a hybrid can save real money over time.

    • Price of Gas

Fuel costs always rise. When fuel prices are low, consumers don’t feel the pinch quite as much, or the need to look at alternative fuel vehicles. Before prices rise again, consider your commute and what may benefit you - and your bank account - in the long term.

    • Mileage Calculations

For the daily commuter, it may be that your savings at the pump covers the extra cost of your hybrid, and that’s a savings you can count on! Doing your math may be the best evidence you need for looking at a hybrid this year.

    • Think Used

If the sticker price for a new hybrid leaves you gasping, it’s well worth looking at a gently used hybrid. You get the fuel economy and the green-good feeling, without the new-car sticker price. Many used vehicles have warranties and other incentives available, too. Take one of our used hybrids for a test drive and see what you think. You may be surprised at what you find!

    • Batteries. Batteries. Batteries.

Batteries are a buzzword in any hybrid or plug-in hybrid conversation. It’s worth doing a little battery research for yourself before you decide on any hybrid purchase.

A hybrid uses both electric car technology and gasoline. The vehicle switches between power sources as necessary, most of the time without the driver even knowing. Electric batteries recharge through a process called regenerative braking. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the energy that is produced recharges the electric battery. The key to the hybrid’s energy efficiency is switching between electric and gas power.

One of the drawbacks to the battery is its limited lifespan. Most batteries have a 100,000-mile warranty, but some fail before then. Sometimes, owners may need to invest in a new battery, which makes hybrid maintenance expensive.

The good news is technology is constantly changing and improving. Modern batteries are more efficient and less expensive.

Feel-Good News

    • Government Incentives

Ask one of our team members about the $6500 in government rebates available for purchasing a hybrid. Now, that is a savings you can count on!

    • The Environment

There is significant discussion about whether or not the environment is aided by the purchase and consistent use of a hybrid vehicle. The short answer is yes, it is. If you use your hybrid frequently for short journeys using battery power and you charge the battery using 100% renewable electricity, then yes, your hybrid is better for the environment. Feel good about it!

In our Ford Fusion Hybrid, your fuel efficiency is gauged with representative green leaves on the dashboard, so you always know how you’re helping the environment!

    • Discounts from Insurers

Incentives are available for purchasing hybrid vehicles. Call your insurance company and ask about available incentives if you buy. Remember, just because your current insurance company may not have an incentive program doesn’t mean there aren’t deals available!

    • No Charging

One of the most convenient pieces of Ford hybrid technology is that regenerative braking recharges your battery as your drive, so you don’t ever have to search for a charging station. You just GO!

At Desjardins Ford Ste-Foy, we are proud of the work The Ford Company does to continue researching innovative hybrid and plug-in technologies.

We know the best way for you to feel confident about purchasing a hybrid for your next vehicle purchase is to get behind the wheel and see all the bells and whistles for yourself. Come check out our inventory of new and used hybrids today! You won’t be sorry.

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